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    Under the Hood with Salsify: Grocery Accelerator

    Reduces Errors So You Can Focus On Selling

    Salsify’s Grocery Accelerator is here!

    Advance features the industry’s first-ever, category-wide PXM Grocery accelerator.

    It also has a natively unifying product information management (PIM), syndication, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation to provide brand manufacturers with a complete product experience management (PXM) solution. 

    Witness the future of PXM and see the Grocery Accelerator in action.

    You’ll learn about the four components of the PXM Accelerator: 

    • Grocery Category Guide: A collection of retailer category and regulatory data standards.
    • AI Validation: Automatically detect & improve content that won’t meet retailer guidelines
    • Human Validation: Audit package due to ensure consistency, preventing costly non-compliance fees.
    • Nutrient Label Display: Visualize your nutritional information on the PDP, just as you would in real life.

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