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    Salsify GDSN Data Pool

    The Salsify Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Data Pool ensures data accuracy of data, reduces costly errors, and helps teams get to market faster.

    Watch our on-demand product demo to learn how to:

    • Manage and store supply chain and GDSN data alongside ecommerce content in the Salsify Product Information Management (PIM) solution;
    • Connect supply chain data to any trading partner from the same platform you send ecommerce marketing content;
    • Automatically validate that content meets both global and regional GS1 requirements; and
    • Monitor items' GS1 registration and sync status in real time.


    Salsify's GDSN Data Pool is GS1-certified, enabling brands to synchronize standard supply chain data with trading partners and retailers to get the most up-to-date logistical data.

    Centralize and syndicate supply chain and ecommerce content — all from one system of record — using the industry's only unified Product Experience Management (PXM) platform.

    Leverage the power of the Salsify GDSN Data Pool to drive accurate, efficient, and faster global commerce.

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