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    Drive Ecommerce Sales With Your Retail Tech Stack

    A Comprehensive Framework for Building an Effective Tech Stack

    Seventy-five percent of enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation projects fail to stay on schedule or within budget, according to McKinsey. 

    This report provides detailed ecosystem architecture examples based on company size, business model, and industry as well as an underlying framework for how to build, adapt, or scale your tech stack to meet demands and demonstrate value.

    What’s Inside?

    • Learn why improving your product information system architecture can lead to sales growth, faster time to market, and operating efficiencies.
    • Understand how to adopt a technology roadmap that enables you to meet customer demands, empower internal stakeholders, ensure flexibility for the future, and deliver value.
    • Use the examples from 8 different data organization structures to map your own systems and find opportunities for streamlining and modernizing your data workflows.

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