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    Product Page Best Practices for Consumer Goods Brands

    How To Create Product Detail Pages (PDPs) That Shine

    Why should consumers choose your brand the next time their pantry is low on household staples? 

    Product pages are the best way to show off what your brand has to offer and are crucial to building trust with consumers. They can also help you wipe the floor with your competition — if you’re going about them right.

    As a consumer goods brand, how can you create successful product detail pages (PDPs)? 

    This vertical-specific guide gives you everything you need to create memorable product pages — including a strategy blueprint and an example from an industry leader.

    Download this guide to learn why a product page strategy is essential for keeping up with the speed of commerce.

    In this guide, made especially for the consumer goods industry, you’ll learn:
    • Why great PDPs are not just a nice to have, but a must-have;
    • The four essential elements of a great product page; and
    • How product experience management (PXM) can help you win the digital shelf as a consumer goods brand.