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    TikTok Strategy for Brands

    How To Drive Billions of Views With TikTok

    TikTok has the power to attract billions of views from shoppers worldwide — but do you know how to create a TikTok strategy for brands to boost your brand’s online presence?

    From insights on going viral, tested tips for building audience connections, and the 101 on influencer partnerships to amplifying engagement with trending sounds and hashtags and creating a plan to convert viewers into buyers, learn how to build a winning foundation for social media success.

    Download our TikTok cheat sheet to get everything you need to build a winning social commerce strategy.

    What’s Inside?

    Download our cheat sheet to get a step-by-step TikTok strategy for brands, including a breakdown for:

    • Establishing a social media team and strategy to create a solid foundation for channel experimentation;
    • Choosing the right music soundtrack, hashtags, and posting times to drive engagement and views; and
    • Exploring influencer partnerships, joining in on trends, and understanding the formula for a viral TikTok post.

    Download Cheat Sheet