What's a toll road?

TLDR: Charging brands a toll to simply send product content to a retailer hinders digital shelf growth.

When third-party technology vendors have exclusive content onboarding relationships with retailers, they charge brands a per SKU fee to create, enhance, and send product information to a specific digital endpoint. In some cases, a brand may pay a third-party vendor $100,000 or more to simply deliver digital product information to appears on a single retailer’s website.

Ultimately, toll roads hinder your investment to create the most impactful shopper experiences on the digital shelf. Brands are forced to pay for the exact same services: generating images and basic content, and sending that content to retailers.

Not all retailer fees are toll roads 

Fees from retailers that directly help with improving sales of more products by driving visibility, demand, value, and increasing customer loyalty, including promotion trade spend, new packaging and retailer analytics.

Data pools like GDSN operate differently than toll roads. GDSN provides a standard set of baseline product data across an entire product category. Retailers or channel partners pull the data from the GDSN-validated data pool into their own product information management solution to enrich for specific endpoints. While it costs brands a license fee to use the data pools, they are not restricted on which suppliers to work with.

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