Powering the Accurate & Complete Content That Consumers Demand

In today’s world of always-on commerce, digitally empowered consumers have more information and selection at their fingertips than ever before. Product content is the #1 thing that drives their search and selection no matter where, when, or how they shop. You can't win without that great content. 

As a top global retailer, you know that the best place to get the most complete set of accurate content is directly from the brands that make the products you sell.  

But for brands faced with this new opportunity, yesterday’s processes don’t meet today’s demands. A world where your suppliers are trying to meet growing demand with a flurry of excel and email halts productivity, is fraught with human error, delays time to market, and causes everyone to lose market share and revenue.

The Salsify Product Content Management Platform empowers thousands of brands to own their digital presence. With Salsify, brands organize, create, manage and publish content for millions of products to thousands of retail channels, including Walmart.

We look forward to working with you and and your suppliers.


Here's how it works:

Through recent advances in our partnership with Walmart, we’ve watched our customers go from clicking ‘publish’ in Salsify to content live on in a matter of minutes.



Watch to get a 2-minute taste of the Salsify platform:


Helpful resources for your suppliers:

You need content from your suppliers yesterday. 

Your suppliers deserve the best partner to make that happen. 

We've empowered brands thousands of times over - and we want to help again. Ask your suppliers to give us your name when they inquire about our services. We'll make sure they get priority treatment, no-brainer pricing, and the white glove service we offer all of our customers.

They get a great partner, you get accurate and complete content, fast.  

It's easy:

  • They can call or email
  • Mention your name and Walmart
  • They get priority service, easy pricing, and stellar customer service to get content to, fast. 

Help your suppliers with their frequently asked questions

  • I have to do this for thousands of products. Where should I start?

    The task is daunting if you try to create and map content for your entire catalog. We recommend starting with your top SKUs on (the number of SKUs to start with varies by company, just be honest with yourself about what you can handle). Once you’ve identified those, identify the content YOU have access to today. You’ll likely find gaps. As you go around your company to find those that hold the keys to the missing content, make sure you write down the process you go through and the people you work with. Building something repeatable is key. Once you have a complete set of content ready for Walmart, you can work with your CSP or through the Supplier Center to get it to us.

  • Does getting content to Walmart cost anything?

    No. You can upload your Content Spec 2.0 content directly to the Walmart Supplier center at no charge, and publishing to Walmart from Salsify is included in the price of the Salsify platform.

  • How much does Salsify cost?

    It varies depending on your needs. Salsify serves customers with 30 employees working out of a garage (quite literally) – to global, fortune 100 CPG companies. Their platform can meet the needs of small through enterprise, and the pricing model supports their commitement to those markets. After all, content is critical for businesses of all sizes. Call or email to discuss specific needs, and remember to give us your buyer’s name.

  • Do I need to work with a CSP?

    No, it is not required, however, most brands do choose to work with one.

  • Do you recommend any CSPs?

    The ones I hear about most often are.... and the ones that have integrated with our systems are...but I can't recommend one over another.

  • What questions should I ask to evaluate if I need a CSP?

    First, ask yourself if your company is focused on the Walmart relationship and continuing to build your presence on the digital shelf. If the answer is yes, you need to start with a solid product content foundation. Next, track the process of gathering product content for a select number of SKUs. Where does it live? How long does it take? How many people are involved? When you’re done is the content complete? And is it accurate? If the process feels manageable – when you scale from several SKUs to your entire product catalog – and you’re happy with the time to market and the quality of the content – you might be fine to go it alone. Most brands find that the process of gathering content alone slows their time to market by weeks, if not months – and the dollars lost just by that justify the cost of bringing on a trusted partner.

  • If I decide I need a CSP, how do I find a list of approved Walmart partners?

    You can find a list of approved partners on the Walmart Supplier Center.

  • How do I differentiate between CSPs?

    The proof is in the pudding. Ask them for real examples of companies like yours that have been successful working with major retailers like Walmart. If it’s a technology provider, ask to see the product.


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"Salsify is an intuitive tool that allows a company to create a central repository for all product information. When properly used, Salsify is invaluable."


CEO, Simpli Home

"Salsify was the missing link in our eCommerce content management needs."

Jordan Ste. Marie

Sr. Manager, eCommerce Marketing Strategy at Dr Pepper Snapple Group

"We had to do this process manually before using information from 3 different systems. Now this is 'The One Version of the Truth' for us."

John Hunt

Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Corporate Communications and Content at Smead Manufacturing Inc.