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    Salsify and Target Announce New Direct Connection

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    Salsify and Target Announce New Direct Connection

    As the purchase journey continues to evolve, brands must find ways to meet diverse shopper demands for product information quickly. This control and agility are required for success on the digital shelf.

    The Salsify and Target direct connection, offers brands the ability to set up and maintain new products, while also providing the ability to refresh content automatically.

    “The purpose of this connection is to make it easier for suppliers to publish high-quality content directly through Target, in the most automated way possible,” said Tom Margot, lead for third-party catalog integration at Target.

    Select brands had the opportunity to participate in our Target direct connection pilot, which helped us gain insights into how this new link could help brands.

    The LEGO Group Stresses the Value of Data Accuracy

    Accurate, rich, and complete product content is very important for 87% of shoppers, according to our 2017 consumer research report. Product information makes or breaks buying decisions, and detailed content is increasingly critical for brands.

    The LEGO Group team joined the Target direct connections pilot to streamline its workload and find a way to ensure data accuracy through an automated process.

    “By joining this pilot, our goals were to reduce manual work and processes by loading data into Target’s systems to reduce lead time,” said Adam Mayhew, items analyst of AMS customer logistics and order management at The LEGO Group. The LEGO Group team is currently working to close the gap between its preliminary and final data, and they’re optimistic about using the direct connection as a tool for item maintenance.

    “The Target direction connection will provide simplification in publishing and maintaining data through Target’s internal systems,” Mayhew said. “We will be able to publish any item updates or new items with agility and definitely increase time-savings from the direct connection.”

    “We value our partnership with Target and will be able to continue to grow our partnership through this direct connection,” Mayhew said.

    Kellogg’s Highlights the Importance of Automation

    Kellogg’s faces a similar struggle when it comes to the time-consuming, manual processes involved in listing product content online. These challenges are why the Kellogg’s team actively participates in pilot programs for direct connections.

    “Automation is critical to our business strategy when it comes to the digital shelf,” said Andrew Freeman, global director of ecommerce capability at Kellogg’s. The Kellogg’s team was able to meet its goal of automation with Target during the pilot and was able to see immediate changes in its process with the direct connection.

    “It simplifies loading content for Target,” Freeman said. “Previously, this was a fairly manual task, which took quite a bit of time, so this should streamline the process for our Target sales team.”

    “Target is a fast-growing retailer in the grocery vertical, so it’s critical to make sure they always have the most recent and best content available,” said Freeman.

    Product Content Powers the Target Experience

    By providing engaging product experiences for your customers — and giving your team the ability to manage and activate content at scale on Target — your brand can become Target’s best partner.

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