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    Salsify Finishes 2021 With $32 Million in R&D Investment

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    Salsify Finishes 2021 With $32 Million in R&D Investment

    In 2021, we invested more than $32 million in research and development (R&D), up more than 40% from 2020.

    This investment resulted in 96 product innovations across our Commerce Experience Management ( CommerceXM ) platform — as well as two exciting acquisitions.

    Many of these innovations were inspired by our Voice of the Customer program, which we introduced in 2020 to ensure that our customers’ needs are captured and integrated at scale into our product roadmap.

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    Learn more about everything we’re bringing to customers, partners, and future connections into 2022 and beyond.

    Global Benefits of Recent Acquisitions

    At Salsify, we’ve made significant investments to expand our CommerceXM network around the globe — ensuring success for brands, distributors, and retailers alike.

    With our 2021 acquisition of Alkemics and its Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM) platform, we empowered retailers to engage with suppliers — and enabled our existing customers to syndicate data across retailer customers in EMEA, including E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché, and Metro. This acquisition makes the CommerceXM platform the only continuously adaptive system of record and workflow through which brands and retailers can collaborate on developing winning product experiences for the digital shelf.

    We also acquired SKUvantage, which provides brands with seamless access to Australia's biggest retailers through the continent’s most-trusted product content network.

    Other Ways We’ve Expanded Our Offering

    In addition to our two key acquisitions, we’ve increased our reach in the following ways, further highlighting our market leadership and dedication to benefiting our customers and partners:

    • Retailer expansion: In 2021, we more than doubled the number of enhanced content destinations to which ProductXM customers can publish, including Wayfair, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Albertsons, and Joann Fabrics.
    • Marketplace selling expansion: Our new eBay direct connection for content, inventory, and orders facilitates direct fulfillment and helps brands accelerate listing their products on eBay. And our new DTC Performance Report aggregates sales from across sites, helping customers understand how brand activities impact sales performance.
    • Amazon-specific enhancements: We invested heavily in expanding both the functionality and global reach of our platform’s Amazon capabilities, including a unified direct connection to Amazon’s new Selling Partner API. We also extended the ability of customers to publish A+ content in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

    How Brands and Retailers Can Learn More

    As we continue to grow and innovate here at Salsify, we want to ensure our customers and partners can stay up-to-date on our latest solutions.

    Earlier this year, we proudly launched two new certifications through Salsify Academy:

    Grow With Salsify

    For brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who want to win on the digital shelf, Salsify’s CommerceXM platform offers results — shopper-centric, frictionless, and memorable commerce experiences that build brand trust, amplify product differentiation and assortments, increase conversion rate, and improve profit margins.

    And, in 2022, we expect to grow our research and development investment by another 46% to $47 million.

    A significant portion of this investment will be focused on innovation and expanding our current offerings to help even more customers win on the digital shelf.

    There’s never been a better time to learn more about Salsify — the world’s fastest-growing commerce experience management network.

    Request a guided demo to see how Salsify can help your brand win on the digital shelf.



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