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    Jordan Rosenbaum of Energizer: Improving Online Customer Experiences at Scale With Salsify

    7 minute read
    Jordan Rosenbaum of Energizer: Improving Online Customer Experiences at Scale With Salsify

    At Energizer, one of the world's largest manufacturers of consumer batteries, lighting, and automotive, we understand that the quality of customer experiences drives our brands across all touchpoints.

    Watch Jordan Rosenbaum, associate manager of ecommerce content and syndication at Energizer, share how his team optimizes customer experiences at scale with Salsify.

    Our ecommerce listings must be accurate, consistent, and complete. Anything less can be considered a lost sale in today's competitive landscape.

    We've been growing our relationship with Salsify over the past few years and leveraging the power of their flexible platform to deliver on that promise to our consumers. In our experience, servicing a complex and growing network of retailer partners with content and product information simply isn't feasible without a partner like Salsify.

    My name is Jordan Rosenbaum, and I'm the associate manager of ecommerce content and syndication at Energizer.

    After five years in digital marketing, I transitioned to leading a team responsible for managing ecommerce content production, warehousing, and syndication. This shift included working within the Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) platform to create exceptional ecommerce experiences across channels.

    When I joined the team, we already had a solid foundation with Salsify. But it was limited in terms of the amount of data we were storing in the system, the number of retailers we were syndicating to, and the number of products across our portfolio.

    We weren't yet taking full advantage of all the platform had to offer — and it became clear that expanding our capabilities in Salsify could lead to significant improvements in our customers' online experiences.

    Set Boundaries and Start With a Clear Scope

    "When I first learned about Salsify, I thought it was just to store data. While this is certainly one important aspect, we’ve also discovered that syndication is a huge piece of Salsify’s value."
    — Jordan Rosenbaum, Associate Manager of Ecommerce Content and Syndication, Energizer

    The goal was to bring as much of our product catalog into Salsify as possible, but that goal had a vast scope. We were looking at a massive portfolio with all our different retailers, which all wanted different content in different formats.

    You can drown in the scope if you don't set boundaries on it. I knew I had to first learn what to prioritize and then create a plan. We worked with our leadership team to set boundaries by focusing on the retailers where there was the most opportunity.

    Within those retailers, we looked at what SKUs were most important based on sales and other metrics. This process got us to a place where we understood what our approach and strategy would be moving forward.

    Build Awareness — Know What You're Selling Online

    I initially underestimated the importance of determining what products were sold at our key retailers and actually storing this information in Salsify.

    When I started, we didn't know what was being actively sold on Amazon and other platforms. We could have products that were years old that were still in our instance.

    We worked with our account managers to get all the retailer codes into Salsify, and we have that set up for about 30 retailers at this point. This approach has made a huge difference by giving us clear visibility into what's being actively sold.

    We can now work in a smarter, more productive way, and we have a clearer idea of where to focus our efforts.

    Partner With Marketing to Develop Engaging Product Content

    Part of our strategy for improving the ecommerce experience involved looking at how content for product detail pages (PDPs) was developed. At first, my team was producing everything for the PDP from start to finish.

    I felt like that wasn't right — especially when it came to new items. We were copying content from the back of the packaging into the system instead of going straight to the source.

    We recognized that we needed to partner with the marketing team and educate them on making a great PDP. PDP best practices had never been formalized, so there was an actual missing link in our content creation process.

    By working across departments, we were ultimately able to create a more accurate, robust, and detailed page. My team can now focus on optimizing content for the site and search instead of creating it from scratch. Our next step will be training marketing to add information directly into Salsify to make the process even easier.

    Unexpected Benefits of Digital Transformation

    Expanding on and improving how we use Salsify has given us so many unexpected benefits. When I first learned about Salsify, I thought it was just to store data. While this is certainly one important aspect, we’ve also discovered that syndication is a huge piece of Salsify’s value.

    We have direct channels where we can send content with just a press of a button. We’re working with a partner to build templated exports for other channels. These capabilities are simply not possible without such a flexible platform.

    As we continue working in Salsify, our process for managing, storing, and syndicating project data continues to get better and better. Over the last two years, we’ve covered more of our portfolio across more categories, and we’ve broadened our property structure.

    Today we have 25,000 product records in Salsify and are syndicating through 30 channels. We’ve gotten to the point where our production process and the lifecycle of our products are pretty strong and efficient.

    It’s not perfect by any means, but we know we’ll continue to grow and improve — always with the goal of giving our customers the best online experiences possible.

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    Written by: Jordan Rosenbaum

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