Retailers: Increase Your Speed to Market in 3 Simple Steps!
Sheets+ is a free Salsify solution that is improving speed to market for new items and depth of content for existing items

How Can Retailers Win on Today's Digital Shelf?

To win on today’s digital shelf, retailers need a robust content onboarding strategy that enables the delivery of high-quality content from brands, as quickly as possible.

There’s no silver bullet for fulfilling retailer needs and effectively collaborating with brandsyou must work with as many ecosystem partners as possible. Not doing so will put you at risk for missing out on retailer-specific content that is critical to effectively merchandising online.

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Salsify partners with major retailers, via non-commercial partnerships, to build solutions for automated content receipt, feedback, and analytics. These partnerships benefits retailers and Salsify customers in the following ways:



noun_1395277_ccSpeed up time to market from brands in Salsify network


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Grow assortment as suppliers can more easily send entire catalogs



Improve quality of content



Increase conversions and annual revenue

Bringing together all these sources can be expensive—how do you keep costs low?

Salsify has an answer!

Sheets+ is an automation solution that will give Salsify customers the experience of a direct connection with you, without a full integration behind it. Sheets+ works in 3 simple steps!


1-circle-cRetailer shares spreadsheet and delivery endpoint



2-circle-cSalsify builds a target schema that generates spreadsheets



3-circle-cGenerated spreadsheet automatically sent to the retailer via the specified endpoint


This is a light lift for any retailer, requiring possibly no IT resourcing! 

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