Salsify Syndication Services


Salsify Syndication Services enable Customers to accelerate retailer syndication via Salsify. The services include the discovery, configuration, iterative testing, and training that will enable a Customer’s Salsify project team to successfully use Salsify to syndicate products to a specific


The scope of the Salsify Syndication Services includes all services (the "Services") enumerated here in support of the above objectives, subject to the assumptions set forth below:

  • Access to a project manager for regular status updates on the delivery of the services, including weekly updates on services delivered, services to be performed, and any risks identified.
  • Complete the full setup, mapping, and initial publish of one Salsify channel. Specifically, Salsify will perform the following services for one channel identified by the Customer:
    • Conduct an initial requirements call with Customer stakeholders to gather channel requirements
    • Configure a new Readiness Report based on channel requirements provided by the Customer
    • Map Customer’s category hierarchies to the retailer's product categorization hierarchies
    • Configure mappings from Customer’s product content to retailer-specific attribute requirements across product categories
    • Configure product image transformations to meet resolution, format, and file naming requirements of the retailer
    • Review configured and mapped channel with Customer's personnel and update mappings as necessary
    • Identify and communicate gaps in required attributes to Customer's personnel
    • Work with the Customer to identify the process or steps necessary to fill required content gaps for products in order to be ready for syndication
    • Complete one successful publish of the channel for the Customer for any products that have all required content available and are approved for syndication by the Customer
    • Provide feedback to the Customer on the status of the publish and troubleshoot any errors or feedback from the retailer
    • Provide one 30-minute training session and supporting documentation for appropriate Customer personnel in content validation and syndication process for the configured channel

Completion Criteria

The Services will be deemed complete at the delivery by Salsify of one configured, fully mapped, published and reviewed channel to Customer.

Salsify expects the Services to be completed over a 30-day time period.


Salsify will deliver the Services subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful implementation of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will provide channel requirements for the identified channel for the Services, as well as a point of contact for all questions and resources required by Salsify for the performance of the Services.
  • Customer is responsible for identifying the products that will be syndicated as part of the Services. Services will only be provided based on products in Salsify as of the start of delivery of the Services.   
  • Syndication Services are designed for Salsify Customers who have completed an initial implementation of Salsify. These Services may be delayed or may require additional Services if Customer has not completed content loads, data model configuration, and other key elements of their initial Salsify implementation.
  • Customer will provide Salsify credentials to access any retailer portal necessary to publish content and assets to the channel specified for the Services.
  • Customer will make resources available to address all content gaps for required attributes in the retailer channel in a timely fashion for a minimum of five products. If after 30 days of the mappings being completed, no products have all required content for syndication, the Customer will waive further support for the publishing and review of retailer feedback under these Services.
  • Salsify channels will publish to Customer’s endpoints via a “best available” method, which may include via API, via FTP, via flat-file (CSV) generation, via spreadsheet generation, or via Salsify self-service digital catalogs.
  • Once the defined channel is configured, fully mapped, published and the feedback reviewed, Customer will send any new or updated item setup or content refresh templates from the Retailer to Salsify Customer Support. Salsify will update Readiness Reports to reflect the updated requirements, and Customer will be responsible for managing updates to channel mappings and publishing process.