Salsify GDSN Implementation Services Package


The Salsify GDSN capabilities enables you to manage and publish high-quality, validated product content to any trading partner that works with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). This document defines the Salsify GDSN Implementation Services Package, including the configuration, testing, and go-live support services for your Salsify GDSN setup.


The scope of the Salsify GDSN Implementation Services Package includes the services enumerated here in support of the above objectives and subject to the assumptions set forth below:

  • Design a Salsify data architecture and channel architecture for adding content to the 1WorldSync GDSN data pool and publishing GDSN data to trading partners
    • Note: This may involve updating a product identifier property, creating new products to represent different hierarchy levels, or other architectural options. Salsify personnel will consult with Customer personnel to identify an architecture inline with Customer's objectives.
  • Configure content to represent appropriate trade item logistical hierarchies to support publishing to GDSN
  • Configure 1 or more Salsify channels for publishing to GDSN trading partners in pre-production and production 1WorldSync environments. For each such GDSN channel, Salsify will work with customer product experts to:
    • Configure a Readiness Reports based on channel requirements provided by customer.
    • Map existing GCC coding or customer category hierarchies to GS1 Global Classification Codes
    • Configure mappings from customer product content to retailer-independent, retailer-dependent, and retailer-specific GDSN attribute requirements across product categories
    • Identify gaps in required GDSN attributes and advise the customer strike team to adjust content loads and configure workflows to remediate gaps
  • Configure a daily report to share publish and error information with users
  • Train appropriate customer personnel in scheduled and ad-hoc GDSN content validation and publication from Salsify
  • Work with customer personnel to perform testing of GDSN channel mappings and syndication in a 1WorldSync pre-production environment prior to publishing in a production environment.
  • Provide go-live support in the form of phone and email troubleshooting and issue resolution for the first five business days following initial publish in the 1WorldSync production environment.

Completion Criteria

The services defined in this document will be deemed complete as follows:

  • Delivery of fully mapped and reviewed GDSN channels in Customer's Salsify account, and
  • Successful completion of a test publish in the 1WorldSync pre-production environment, and
  • Completion of the five business day go-live support period, provided that the initial production environment publish occurs within ten business days of successful pre-production test publish


Salsify will deliver the services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful implementation of Salsify GDSN capabilities, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will be responsible for providing any necessary content to facilitate mapping to GDSN requirements, either via import or directly within customer's Salsify account
  • Customer will provide the list of all the GLNs for their trading partners that they would like to receive their data. After initial configuration of Customer-provided list of trading partners, Customer will be trained on and responsible for adding trading partners to the GDSN publish process
  • Customer will ensure availability of key personnel for the duration of these services. This includes:
    • A core project team, including at least one person to advise on and approve the Salsify GDSN configuration of Customer's Salsify account, and will attend all project and training calls.
    • Additional personnel as needed with expertise in customer's 1WorldSync account setup and customer's GDSN trading partner requirements.
  • Customer maintains an active customer relationship with the 1WorldSync GDSN data pool for publishing content to GDSN recipients, and will request that Salsify be configured as customer's machine-to- machine solution provider for 1WorldSync.
  • Customer has identified personnel who will be the Salsify user(s) responsible for the ongoing administration of the GDSN publication process, including filling content gaps and updating GDSN channel configuration as necessary.

Additional Terms

  • This services package is governed by the referencing Salsify Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely.
  • If the delivery of the services are delayed for a period of ten consecutive days due to Customer's failure to make the necessary resources available or to perform Customer's obligations, Salsify may temporarily re-assign resources until such time as Customer has eliminated the cause of delay and is ready to resume the services.

Out-of-scope & Additional Services

Services beyond the scope of this document will require a Statement of Work. Such Statement of Work may provide services as either time & materials or fixed price arrangement pending the additional scope. Mutual agreement by all parties via an updated Statement of Work will be required prior to initiating additional services.

Salsify and our preferred partners offer a wide range of services beyond the scope of the services outlined above, including:

  • Onsite training of Salsify end users
  • Custom engineering services, such as the creation or maintenance of:
    • Integrations with an existing legacy system to automate flow of images into Salsify
    • Integrations with an existing content database that is unable to produce regular flat-file (CSV) exports (e.g., automation of an XML feed into Salsify)
    • Integrations with downstream eCommerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats
  • Ongoing Salsify platform and GDSN publication administrative services, including mapping additional Salsify channels and updating existing mappings to GDSN and non-GDSN channels