Salsify Discovery & Planning Onsite Services


Salsify empowers our customers to deliver the product experience consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online. Our product experience management (PXM) platform combines the power of PIM and DAM capabilities, the industry’s broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint.

A Discovery and Planning Onsite will set the foundation for the successful implementation or expanded of use of the Salsify platform within your organization. This onsite at your office will provide you with a plan for your business on the next steps on how Salsify can most effectively be leveraged to drive efficiencies, improve how your products are performing online to drive revenue and decrease time to market.

About the Salsify Discovery & Planning Onsite Services

The Discovery & Planning Onsite Services provides you with full day of interactive planning, and project execution. Your designated Customer Champion will work with your key business stakeholders to review pain points and opportunities and present a project plan for your Salsify project team that balances rapid time-to-value with long-term sustainability.

Following the onsite, your business will have clear understanding of how to drive additional value from the Salsify platform in the near and long term to provide additional value to your company. Additionally, each member of your Salsify project team will have defined roles and responsibilities in this plan for how to execute on the defined short term plan to meet your immediate business goals.

Services Scope

The scope of the Discovery & Planning Onsite Services includes the services enumerated here ("Onboarding Services") in support of the above objectives, and subject to the assumptions set forth below.

  • Lead planning session with the Customer Salsify project team to identify and build agenda of Discovery & Planning Onsite
  • Schedule and conduct one full-day on-site. Salsify will co-develop agenda and set of topics to be agreed on with the Customer’s strike team and may include topics such as:
    • Full Salsify platform overview
    • Recently released features and functionality
    • New use case adoption and configuration overview and timeline
    • Review of pressing business and operational challenges and digital and ecommerce goals
    • “Day in the Life” hands on workshops for key teams including:
      • Walk through a Salsify workflow example taking a new product introduction through initial content syndication
      • Walk through a Salsify workflow example taking a product that has newly available content through a content refresh syndication
  • Present a report following the onsite to include the following:
    • Assessment of current state of Salsify implementation and areas of opportunity for expanded use
    • Project plan and road map for Customer’s Salsify Project Team on how to accomplish priority business goals discussed at the onsite


Salsify will deliver the Discovery & Planning Onsite Services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful implementation of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will ensure availability of key personnel ("project team") for the applicable sessions of the Onsite Period. This includes:
    • A core project team. This includes at least one Salsify power user / administrator for each market segment engaged with, as well as additional personnel with expertise in project topics as necessary.
    • Additional personnel with expertise in source systems to be integrated into Salsify, expertise in customer/account relationships, and expertise in your product content.
  • This Discovery & Planning Onsite Services will be delivered by a Salsify Customer Champion. If needed Customer can request additional Salsify personnel to attend at an additional cost.

Timing and Completion

The Onboarding Period is defined as the term beginning on the date of the Discovery & Planning Onsite Planning Session and continuing through to the delivery of the Post-onsite deliverable define above. The services defined in this document will be deemed complete and expire at the end of the Onboarding Period.

Additional Terms

  • This Statement of Work is governed by the attached Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Customer is responsible for Salsify employee airfare and hotel expenses.
  • If the delivery of the Discovery & Planning Onsite Services are delayed for a period of ten consecutive days due to Customer's failure to make the necessary resources available or to perform Customer's obligations, Salsify may temporarily reassign resources until such time as Customer has eliminated the cause of delay and is ready to resume the Onboarding Services.

Out-of-scope & Additional Services

Services beyond the scope of this document will require a new Statement of Work.  Such Statement of Work may provide services as either time & materials or fixed price arrangement pending the additional scope. Mutual agreement by  all parties via an updated Statement of Work will be required prior to initiating additional services.

Salsify and our preferred partners offer a wide range of services beyond the scope of the Onboarding Services outlined above, including:

  • Ongoing consultation, project management or configuration for projects presented in the project plan deliverable of the Discovery and Planning Onsite Services
  • Product content and image creation, clean-up, curation, and refresh
  • Completing Salsify channel mappings from your product content to retailer requirements
  • Custom engineering services, such as:
    • Integration with an existing legacy system to automate flow of images into Salsify
    • Integration with an existing content database that is unable to produce regular flat-file (CSV) exports (e.g., automation of an XML feed into Salsify)
    • Integration with downstream eCommerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats