Salsify Custom Sell Sheet Services Package


This Services Package defines Custom Sell Sheet services to automatically generate content enriched Sell Sheets via Salsify to help drive your marketing and sales activities.


The services to be performed per this Services Package are:

  • Schedule and conduct Discovery/Alignment calls as necessary to understand your goals, and select the best Custom Sell Sheet approach to meet your business objectives.
  • Configuration of up to three different Custom Sell Sheets to be generated from Salsify.
  • For each Custom Sell Sheet, Salsify will:
    • Configure a template format using the editable example(s) provided by you - including positioning of blocks of text, images, fonts, and styles
    • Based on mapping provide by Customer, Salsify will map properties to the relevant information in the Sell Sheet template
    • Identify and communicate gaps in requirements to your designated personnel
    • Review and test generated Custom Sell Sheets with your designated personnel and update as necessary
  • For each Custom Sell Sheet, Salsify will select the best Custom Sell Sheet approach based on your business objectives, download frequency, and sell sheet layout, including one of the following:
    • Configuring Sell Sheets to be downloadable from the main index page in the application, and/or from a Salsify digital catalog upon selection of the relevant product. Users will select the relevant product in the main index page or from a digital catalog and click the “Actions” button to download the Custom Sell Sheet.
    • Configuring a custom Readiness Report channel and publication webhook in Salsify to export the Custom Sell Sheets through to automatically generate the output in PDF format from the channel upon publication. Users will select the relevant products and analyze their readiness and publish them through the relevant Readiness Report channel. The Custom Sell Sheet will be delivered via a designated email or FTP folder you provide.
    • Configuring a templated export channel in Salsify to export the Custom Sell Sheet, along with an embedded Macro to automatically transform the Excel output to PDF format. Users will select the relevant products and publish them through the relevant channel. They will then download and open the generated Excel export file and run the embedded Macro to receive the final Sell Sheet output in PDF format.

Timing and Completion

The services defined in this Services Package will be scheduled upon execution of Salsify Order Form referencing this Services Package, and will be deemed complete at the delivery by Salsify of three Custom Sell Sheets to you as detailed above. Any unused services expire six months from date of execution of Salsify Order Form referencing this Services Package unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Salsify will deliver the services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful implementation of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • You will provide Custom Sell Sheet requirements in the form of an example for the in-scope Sell Sheets for this Services Package
  • You will indicate which Salsify properties correspond to which portions of your Sell Sheet examples
  • The data model in your Salsify account aligns with the way the content needs to be displayed in the Custom Sell Sheets (for example, all properties that need to be reflected already exist in Salsify, and if display of parents and variants is requested, the data model includes a parent-variant structure.)
  • You will provide a point of contact for all questions and resources required by Salsify for the performance of these services

Additional Terms

    • This services package is governed by the referencing Salsify Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
    • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely.
    • If the delivery of the services are delayed for a period of ten consecutive days due to Customer's failure to make the necessary resources available or to perform Customer's obligations, Salsify may temporarily re-assign resources until such time as Customer has eliminated the cause of delay and is ready to resume the services.

Warranty for Services

You must report any deficiency in Services to Salsify in writing within thirty (30) days of completion of such applicable portion of the Services (the “Warranty Period”).  Salsify will promptly remedy and support any deficiency in the Services reported to Salsify during the Warranty Period; provided that Salsify will have no obligation to provide, remedy or support any requirements or functionality which are outside the scope of this Services Package.  

Following the expiration of the Warranty Period, Salsify will use commercially reasonable efforts to remediate any bugs or defects in the Services for so long as you are covered by an active paid subscription to Salsify’s proprietary Salsify Platform.