Salsify 90-Day Onboarding Services Package


Salsify empowers brand manufacturers to deliver the product experience consumers demand anywhere they choose to shop online. Our product experience management platform (PXM) combines the power of PIM and DAM capabilities, the industry’s broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint. A successful implementation of Salsify will enable your business to meet changing and unique consumer, customer, and internal requirements for high-quality product experiences, increase responsiveness to content requests, and deploy a centralized repository for product content and assets across your company.

About the Salsify Enterprise Onboarding Services Package

Salsify’s onboarding philosophy revolves around anticipating and preparing for continuous changes in the commerce landscape. Our Customer Success team will work with your business to balance rapid time-to-value with long-term sustainability. Our Onboarding Services provides you with interactive planning, consulting, and training with a Salsify Customer Champion over 90 days to establish a streamlined implementation and rollout plan that ensures your success and enables your Salsify project team (see below) to drive setup, rollout, and ongoing administration of the Salsify platform.

The goal of the Salsify 90-Day Onboarding Services Package is to empower your Salsify project team to successfully complete a Salsify onboarding and implementation plan tailored to your business goals. At the end of the onboarding period, your business will have an initial end-to-end Salsify setup in place and delivering value to your business. You'll also have the training and experience necessary to continue to drive Salsify forward to provide additional value to your company.

Services Scope

The scope of the Salsify 90-Day Onboarding Services Package includes the services enumerated here ("Onboarding Services") in support of the above objectives, delivered during the Onboarding Period and subject to the assumptions set forth below.

  • Access to a Customer Champion who will work with your project team throughout the onboarding period
    • Customer Champions have extensive experience using the Salsify product to drive business value. Your Customer Champion will be your primary point of contact during your Salsify onboarding, and will always be just a phone call or email away.
  • A comprehensive onboarding checklist to guide you through getting set up with your Salsify account, customized to meet your business goals
  • Configuration of one Salsify Internal Readiness Report based on property definitions provided by your project team
    • Salsify Internal Readiness Reports allow your team to evaluate your content completeness and quality against your internal content standards for all or a subset of your products in Salsify
  • Weekly 30­-minute implementation cadence calls with your Customer Champion throughout the onboarding period. These calls are generally used to:
    • Walk through the steps in implementing Salsify
    • Share best practices on setting up and using Salsify, including data modeling and content organization, quality, analysis, and mapping
    • Share Salsify product and ecommerce expertise
    • Address your project team's questions on topics such as product content setup, retailer syndication, workflows, or sales-team enablement.
    • Additional product training (see below)
  • Ongoing training of your Salsify project team throughout the onboarding period via six 60-minute training sessions. Your project team will be trained in all relevant Salsify capabilities, such as:
    • Defining properties, property groups, and property values in Salsify to organize content from source systems
    • Administering users, user groups, and permissions within Salsify
    • Configuring automated, scheduled imports of product content from existing systems (e.g. your ERP system) into Salsify
    • Configuring Salsify channels for publishing your product content to your priority retailers, including:
      • Mapping your product categories to retailer category hierarchies
      • Mapping your product content attributes to retailer attribute requirements
      • Configuring product image transformations to meet resolution, format, and file naming requirements of the retailer
      • Identifying gaps in required retailer attributes and configuring workflows to remediate gaps
    • Configuring Salsify digital catalogs
    • End-user trainings on topics such as managing product content, exporting content and assets from Salsify, validating content readiness, downloading retailer setup sheets, or accessing and sharing catalogs.
  • 30-, 60-, and 90-day stakeholder check-in calls with your executive sponsor and Salsify Account Manager to review accomplishments, align on open issues, and plan next steps.


Salsify will deliver the Onboarding Services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful implementation of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will ensure availability of key personnel ("project team") for the duration of the Onboarding Period. This includes:
    • A core project team, including at least one Salsify power user to drive configuration and ongoing administration of your Salsify account, including content loads, syndication channel mappings, and catalog configurations. At least one Salsify power user will attend all weekly cadence calls, training calls, and stakeholder check-in calls.
    • Additional personnel with expertise in source systems to be integrated into Salsify, expertise in customer/account relationships, and expertise in your product content to work closely with your Salsify power user and Salsify Customer Champion on integrating source systems, mapping product categories, mapping product attributes, and other implementation areas as appropriate.
  • Customer will generate a CSV (comma-separated value) flat-file export at a regular cadence and uploaded to the Salsify SFTP server, for each source system to be automatically integrated into Salsify.

Timing and Completion

The Onboarding Period is defined as the term beginning on the date of your Salsify kick-off meeting and continuing for the 90 days following that date. The services defined in this document will be deemed complete and expire at the end of the Onboarding Period.

Additional Terms

  • This Statement of Work is governed by the attached Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all Onboarding Services are performed remotely.
  • Salsify will publish to customer's retailers via a “best available” method, which may include via API, via FTP, via flat-file (CSV) generation, via spreadsheet generation, or via Salsify self-service digital catalogs.
  • Salsify will maintain up-to-date retailer requirements for all priority retailers that make content requirements publicly available or available via feed or API to technology partners. Salsify will work with customer personnel to maintain up-to-date requirements for all other priority retailers.
  • If the delivery of the Onboarding Services are delayed for a period of ten consecutive days due to Customer's failure to make the necessary resources available or to perform Customer's obligations, Salsify may temporarily reassign resources until such time as Customer has eliminated the cause of delay and is ready to resume the Onboarding Services.

Out-of-scope & Additional Services

Services beyond the scope of this document will require a new Statement of Work.  Such Statement of Work may provide services as either time & materials or fixed price arrangement pending the additional scope. Mutual agreement by  all parties via an updated Statement of Work will be required prior to initiating additional services.

Salsify and our preferred partners offer a wide range of services beyond the scope of the Onboarding Services outlined above, including:

  • Product content and image creation, clean-up, curation, and refresh
  • Onsite training of Salsify end users
  • Completing Salsify channel mappings from your product content to retailer requirements
  • Custom engineering services, such as:
    • Integration with an existing legacy system to automate flow of images into Salsify
    • Integration with an existing content database that is unable to produce regular flat-file (CSV) exports (e.g., automation of an XML feed into Salsify)
    • Integration with downstream eCommerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats