Salsify Implementation Advisory Services Package


The Salsify Implementation Advisory Services Package enables you to engage a Salsify implementation expert in a discussion of best practices for the key topics for your organization to ensure you are leveraging the Salsify platform to meet your business goals. These advisory services give your Salsify team the flexibility to leverage the advisory hours over time to make continuous progress to improve product experience management capabilities, increasing operational efficiency and growing revenue.


The scope of the Salsify Implementation Advisory Services Package includes the services enumerated here in support of the above objectives and subject to the assumptions set forth below:

10 hours of advisory support from a Salsify implementation consultant.

Advisory services topics cover best practice recommendations on setting up and using Salsify and sharing ecommerce expertise. Examples of these topics include:

  • Content management guidance (i.e. advising on data modeling, loading content & digital assets into Salsify, and automation of content feeds)
  • Syndication guidance (i.e. advising on setting up channels, channel mapping, and publishing)
  • Insights Reporting (additional license fees apply)
  • People, Process and Organizational Setup (i.e. advising on configuring lists, users, groups, permissions, and establishing workflows to foster internal collaboration)
  • Sales enablement (i.e. advising on setting up digital catalogs, lightboxes, and sell sheets)
  • Technical guidance (i.e. advising on writing formulas, computed properties, and using the Salsify APIs)

Completion Criteria

The services defined in this document will be deemed complete as follows:

  • Delivery of 10 hours of implementation advisory support including the following activities:
    • Live Sessions with an Implementation consultant
    • Delivery of any follow up items as determined during the implementation advisory session
    • Any preparation time spent by implementation consultant for live sessions

Additional Terms

  • This services package is governed by the referencing Salsify Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Customer is responsible for identifying the prioritization of items covered in the advisory services sessions
  • Salsify will assign the appropriate implementation consultants to most effectively and efficiently address the needs of the customer, however customer may engage with different implementation consultants for different requests.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely.
  • Advisory hours expire after six months or at the time at which customer no longer maintains an active subscription to the Salsify platform. We request that Customer limit advisory requests for live sessions to no more than eight hours in any single month or two hours in any given week.
  • Customers must make requests for Advisory sessions at least three business days in advance of the desired meeting time. Salsify will make all efforts to schedule Advisory Calls based on the Customer's requested timing, but reserves the right to schedule at a mutually agreed alternative date if necessary.
  • Advisory services are limited to parts of the Salsify platform to which the customer maintains an active subscription.

Out-of-scope & Additional Services

Services beyond the scope of this document will require a Statement of Work. Such Statement of Work may provide services as either time & materials or fixed price arrangement pending the additional scope. Mutual agreement by all parties via an updated Statement of Work will be required prior to initiating additional services.

Services in this Services Package are strictly consultative and Salsify Implementation Consultants will not be responsible for the implementation of recommendations provided during these sessions.

Salsify and our preferred partners offer a wide range of services beyond the scope of the services outlined above, including:

  • Ongoing Salsify platform administrative services, including mapping additional Salsify channels and updating existing mappings of channels Onsite training of Salsify end users
  • Custom engineering services, such as the creation or maintenance of:
    • Integrations with an existing legacy system to automate flow of images into Salsify
    • Integrations with an existing content database that is unable to produce regular flat-file (CSV) exports (e.g., automation of an XML feed into Salsify)
    • Integrations with downstream eCommerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats