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Conversation = Conversion

Brands: Chat directly with your shoppers right on Walmart.com, Target.com, OfficeDepot.com, and other major retailers

Connect with your shoppers at the moment of purchase

As a brand, you know your products better than anyone – including your retail partners. So when a shopper has a last-minute question to ask before clicking that Buy button, who better to talk to than you?

Salsify Chat enables you to connect directly with shoppers on the product detail pages of top retailer websites like Walmart, Target, and Office Depot in real-time. Seize your conversational commerce opportunity.

Also, Salsify Chat turns your conversations into data that can guide your digital shopping experience and product improvements.

Salsify Chat Drives Sales

Conversational commerce works. When consumers use Salsify Chat, they are 3 times more likely to convert. They spend twice as much. And they return products at a 20% lower rate.


conversational commerce tool

Start chatting for free!


Chat Drives Engagement

Different shoppers have different buying habits. Some read every line and study every spec on your product detail page. Others...not so much; if it’s not a picture it’s invisible. But they often love to talk to a human!

For those shoppers, Chat offers a comfortable way to answer critical buying questions. In fact, over 20% of chats ask for information already listed on the product detail page!


Chat Drives Upsell

Customers using Salsify Chat have a 62% higher lifetime value. For instance, many times customers will inquire about one product, and then move on to buy additional or higher-end products. The personal connection to a brand expert helps them really understand which products will truly meet their needs. 

How it Works

We’ve designed Salsify Chat so that it’s easy to get started with conversation commerce. It requires minimal – often zero – technology investment. And Salsify has your back every step of the way.


conversational commerce tool

conversational commerce tool

Salsify Chat connects to your existing chat technology

  • Salsify Chat connects directly to a wide range of chat and customer service tools so it easily integrates into your existing support solution and process.
  • Chats can be served up in the same tool they use every day for your D2C site, such as Olark, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.
  • If you don’t have an existing chat tool, we can help you quickly set one up for your team.
conversational commerce tool

Staff the Chat

  • For many companies, these retailer chats become just another conversation stream added to chats from their brand website or social media messaging.
  • For others, the biggest hurdle is having the coverage to staff the chat. Fortunately, Salsify Chat offers features that help out.
  • First, when you aren’t available, the Salsify Chat box won’t show up at all, meaning that your shoppers will not be frustrated waiting for a response.
  • Second, there are cost-effective ways to train outsourced staff to support your Salsify Chat window either all the time or during hours when you’re not available. We can advise you on this approach.

Start chatting for free!

Hundreds of brands use Salsify Chat to connect directly with shoppers on retailers' websites.