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Salsify Services Package for Multilingual Migration



This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is subject to the attached Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments between Salsify and Customer. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Service, as the case may be.


This Statement of Work defines the consulting services provided to support our existing clients when migrating to Salsify’s standard Multilingual features.


Multilingual Migration Support

Multilingual Discovery Session

  • Conduct remote requirements gathering session(s) with appropriate Customer personnel to define the properties to be converted to multilingual.
  • Salsify will use the defined properties to determine where the identified property is referenced.

Multilingual Consulting

  • Salsify will work with our customer to consult on best practices with the migration to support multilingual through the various components of the Salsify system including, Imports, Lists, Channels, Workflow, Computed Properties, and Asset linking.
  • Salsify will consult for up to 5 hours on the following Multilingual feature uses:
    • Set up different locales in a multilingual environment to support storing different localized languages in Salsify platform.
    • Best practice to convert non-localized properties to localized ones and vice versa.
    • Localize picklist values: An administrative person or local IT can manage localized values for each value of a picklist with multi-lingual functionality
    • Localize Channels will help channel manager select which localized content to submit to a retailer.
    • Localize Workflow: Understanding how the multilingual feature works with workflow will help effectively translating content to different languages across markets. An e-commerce manager can create tasks to complete content in locales that are missing.
    • Localize Catalog: Customers, especially the sales team, can specify which locale for the content of a catalog to share with buyers at different regions/ preferred languages.


Salsify will deliver the Services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful setup of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will ensure availability of key personnel ("project team") for the duration of the Configuration Period. This includes:
  • A core project team, including at least one Salsify Administrator to drive ongoing administration of your Salsify account, including additional configuration beyond the initial implementation configuration outlined in this package.
  • Customer will create translated content for upload into Salsify


The duration of this work is expected to take up to 2-4 weeks from kick off. A final project schedule will be provided during the project. The services defined in this document will be deemed complete and expire at the end of the defined period, or once the criteria for completion have been met.

Completion Criteria

  • Completion of the discovery and the consulting milestones as defined in the services above.  

Change Control Process

The below identifies the change control process that will be utilized when Customer requires a deliverable that is not currently in scope as part of this SOW and is required to be delivered as part of this initial project. If the new request can be delivered outside of this project, then a new SOW will be issued:

  • Stakeholders identify the need for a possible change
  • Need is communicated to the Project Team
  • Project Team captures and documents the change order in the form of a SOW, change order or order form
  • Salsify provides cost estimate for the change
  • Change order is reviewed by Salsify & Customer representative(s) and either rejects or both approve
  • Project team communicates status of change order to stakeholders, documents action, and closes the request
  • If the Change Order is approved, any appropriate updates to the project plan or project costs are made and communicated.


Services beyond the scope of this document will be considered out of scope and will require a change order or an SOW to be issued. All change orders will follow the change control process as defined in this document. The following items have been identified as out of scope (this is not necessarily a full list):

  • Configuration or updates to workflows
  • Syndication or data exports to any end systems
  • Product content and image creation, clean-up, curation, and refresh
  • Translation of product content
  • Ongoing Salsify platform administrative services, including additional hands on configuration of the Salsify platform, such as data modeling, imports, and end to end syndication configuration outside of what is defined in this SOW
  • Custom engineering services including automation of data import beyond the standard file based FTP.

Additional Terms

  • This Statement of Work is governed by the attached Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely
  • This SOW expires 30 days from the date presented to Customer. Salsify then reserves the right to make any necessary revisions to this SOW
  • Any travel costs associated with this SOW are deemed approved upon signature of this document