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Salsify Services Package for Insights


Salsify Insight reports assist you in improving your content so you can deliver an optimized product experience to your consumers everywhere they shop. With the feedback provided by Salsify’s Insights Reports, you can consistently update your content week after week based on the feedback you are being provided.


The scope of the Salsify Insights Configuration Services Package includes the services enumerated here and subject to the assumptions set forth below.

Insights Milestone

Salsify will complete the following:

  • Complete a requirement gathering session in order to determine:
  • Complete Insights Questionnaire (customer)
  • Review of questionnaire and determination of set up requirements
  • Complete initial configuration for all available Insights reports relevant to your organization.
  • After initial set up, Salsify will continue to provide consultation up to one hour per month for existing reports and configure applicable newly released Insights reports as determined by your license.  If additional consultation is required, the Change Control Process can be followed for additional services.

Completion Criteria

The services as described above will be deemed complete at the time the current license contract expires.


Salsify will deliver the Services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for successful setup of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will ensure availability of primary point of contact to Salsify that can align necessary resources as required in order to complete any tasks determined as part of the scope of services defined in this SOW.
  • Customer will be responsible for obtaining retailer tool ID’s for the configuration of each retailer Insights report.

Additional Terms

  • This service package is governed by the referencing Salsify Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Salsify will assign the appropriate implementation consultants to most effectively and efficiently address the needs of the customer, however customer may engage with different implementation consultants for different requests.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely.
  • This SOW expires 30 days from the date presented to customer. Salsify then reserves the right to make any necessary revisions to this SOW
  • Based on the report being configured, limitations on the number of SKU’s published and frequency of receiving reports will apply.  Availability of reports across retailers will vary.

Change Control Process

The below identifies the change control process that will be utilized when a Customer requires a deliverable that is not currently in scope as part of this SOW and is required to be delivered as part of this initial project. If the new request can be delivered outside of this project, then a new SOW will be issued:

  • Stakeholders identify the need for a possible change
  • Need is communicated to the Project Team
  • Project Team captures and documents the change order in the form of a SOW, change order or order form
  • Salsify provides cost estimate for the change
  • Change order is reviewed by Salsify & Customer representative(s) and either rejects or both approve
  • Project team communicates status of change order to stakeholders, documents action, and closes the request
  • If the Change Order is approved, any appropriate updates to the project plan or project costs are made and communicated.


Services beyond the scope of this document will be considered out of scope and will require a change order or an SOW to be issued. All change orders will follow the change control process as defined in this document. The following items have been identified as out of scope (this is not necessarily a full list):

  • Ongoing Salsify platform administrative services, including mapping channels and updating existing mappings of these channels
  • Onsite training of Salsify end users
  • Custom engineering services, such as the creation or maintenance of:
    • Integrations with an existing legacy system to automate the flow of images into Salsify
    • Integrations with an existing content database that is unable to produce regular flat-file (CSV) exports (e.g., automation of an XML feed into Salsify)
    • Integrations with downstream eCommerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats