What is a digital native vertical brand?

Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB) is a direct-to-consumer brand that control their supply chain, connect with customers with micro-data and brand values.

DNVBs control their entire brand experience: from sourcing and manufacturing (hence, vertical) to delivering product experiences online (D2C site and social presence) and delivering product to the customer. Many undercut traditional brands by cutting out the middleman by directly sourcing components for their products and creating a highly efficient supply chain. They are agile and obsessed with their particular vertical that they identify as needing of an overhaul to deliver better products and experiences at price points fit for their demographic.  

DNVBs are not the same as ecommerce first brands who target numerous verticals, have a wide selection of product offerings across categories and do not always own their supply chain. By focusing on a singular product category and being obsessed with customer experience, DNVBs are able to capitalize on changes in the market quickly, and deliver new products to market quickly.

Here's how Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform works.

Brand's Guide to Product Experience Management

Product Experience Management

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Product content management that moves at the speed of modern commerce:

With Salsify, brands can deliver a winning experience across touch points requires that you have control over your product data. With our product information management capabilities, you can quickly manage product attributes, and deliver approved content for every channel with our leading product information management software. Our data insights drive workflow tasks that will measurably speed time to market and improve sales.

Speed to market is the biggest problem that Salsify has solved. We're also capturing more sales due to increasing the speed and efficiency of getting our products up on customer's sites.

Jocelyn S. Ecommerce Sales Manager, Westpoint Home

The industry’s most extensive retailer ecosystem:

We have invested heavily in making sure you can deliver your ecommerce content to any retailer or endpoint you want, while meeting their latest requirements. We have a dedicated team whose full-time job it is to make sure we can get your data where it needs to be to drive your business. We aggressively deliver technology to make it happen as fast as possible, and strive to use the most efficient method offered by the retailer.

“[Salsify’s] ability to create channels massively simplifies the process of syndicating content to different websites and internal systems.”

Sebo Dapper Managing Director, J Perkins Distribution

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