What is a Content Experience Hub?

Content Experience Hub (CXH) is a content management platform sold by Syndigo that brands, retailers, and distributors use to create, manage, syndicate, and analyze product content across trading partners.

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A GDSN solution provider enables brands to exchange standardized product data with their trading partners on the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), an interconnected network of interoperable data pools. Each provider maintains a data pool that has been tested and certified to meet GS1 standards.

Qualified GDSN solutions providers undergo an annual audit to ensure conformance with implementation, operational, security and technical criteria as established by the GS1 Data Excellence certification committee.

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By 2023, 58% of US retail sales, roughly $2.9 Trillion, will be digitally influenced* *Forrester Research Read the Consumer Research Report

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New channels. New retailer and distributor requirements. New consumer and buyer behaviors. The brand manufacturer that is set up to take advantage of these shifting opportunities will impress the algorithms, and their shoppers, and win.
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