Activate your product content for every channel. From one platform.

Salsify really takes the burden off of the supplier.
ram rampalli
Ram Rampalli
Global Head of Content Acquisition

The product detail page is the new shop window

Retailers and distributors don’t want a generic product experience with the same content as their competitors.

Your syndication solution needs to do more than move content from here to there. It has to move the right content, continually optimized to fit the changing requirements of each channel.

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Model and Manage

Optimize your product content for every audience

3M is syndicating content to 700 channels with 97% accuracy. With a 3X increase in productivity
Model and manage channel-specific versions of your product content. Easily keep up with changing retailer requirements and consumer expectations to optimize your message for each channel.
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Manage and Syndicate

Unify your in-store and online workflows

Intertape Polymer Group was able to complete in-store item set up for Walmart in under 48 hours, and quickly supplement this basic product information with rich marketing content.
Manage and syndicate all your product data – both operational GDSN data and marketing content – in one unified platform. Empower your teams – IT, MDM, Ecommerce, Marketing – to drive products to market and win sales fast.
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Transform product information into product experiences

Kids II expanded their product experience to include enhanced content and saw a 10% increase in conversions for those products.
You should be able to syndicate all your rich content – videos, enhanced content, product tours, 360 spins – from one unified platform. Manage your full set of product data, transform that data into dynamic experiences and activate your story across all touchpoints.
Product Experience

Continuously improve your shopper’s product experience

ShurTech used insights to identify specific opportunities to optimize product content and, as a result, improved Sales Rank by an average of 15% across top 70 SKUs on Amazon in four months
Analyze your product detail pages, incorporate channel-specific action items directly into your product content, and rapidly publish the updates – so you can drive sales and stay ahead of the competition.

Connect with your entire commerce ecosystem

From retailer sites to marketplaces to distributors, Salsify helps you easily get your product content live everywhere you need to be. We are constantly building connections to emerging channels – like Facebook and Instagram – to help you capitalize on new routes to market.
Direct Connections

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating an open ecosystem that enables the free flow of data. In service of this commitment, we never stop expanding and enhancing our network of direct connections.

Direct connections enable closed loop communication between you and your trading partners - an ongoing cycle of iteration and feedback - so you know the status of your items and what you need to do to exceed your partners’ expectations and drive conversions.

Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform

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