ebags + Salsify

Start Publishing Better Content with the eBags and Salsify Partnership

eBags has partnered with Salsify to make it easier for suppliers to submit the rich product content that drives online sales, within eBags' content requirements. That means that all approved eBags suppliers can now sign up to use Salsify to review, enhance, and publish new and refreshed content from a single portal, at no additional cost.

Once you've signed up for the program you will be set up with your own Salsify account, pre-loaded with your existing content on eBags. From there you can easily update and add new product content for each of the items you sell on eBags, analyze its readiness against eBags' unique requirements, and submit it for review. And any feedback or changes needed will flow directly into your account, making it easy for you to get your content ready for market and published.

Take advantage of the Salsify and eBags partnership by signing up  today.

Here's how it works:




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Getting your content to and from eBags is free you, thanks to eBags.

Salsify also helps thousands of brands manage and distribute their content to all of their retail channels.