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Salsify Chat Onboarding Service Package


Salsify Chat empowers our customers to deliver the product experience consumers demand when they choose to shop online. With Salsify Chat, brands can chat with shoppers right from the product detail pages on retailer websites. Get valuable product feedback, insight into gaps in product page content, and intel on how to improve the shopping experience. Give shoppers the answers and confidence needed to hit the buy button and become your customer.

A successful Salsify Chat onboarding will enable your business to use a new or existing chat console to connect directly with consumers at the point of sale, provide you with enablement around reporting and usage, and the confidence to seamlessly connect with your customers online.

About the Salsify Chat Onboarding Package

Salsify’s onboarding philosophy revolves around anticipating and preparing for continuous changes in the commerce landscape. Our Chat Onboarding Services Package begins by collaborating with a Salsify Customer Champion to develop a program plan to ensure a successful Salsify Chat roll-out for your company.  Once goals have been solidified and planning is complete, your Project Team will have the ability to view a number of resources aimed at creating confidence within your organization and team. Salsify experts will provide configuration of the platform, as well as provide best practice guidance on the ongoing administration and understanding of the tool.

The goal of the Salsify Chat Onboarding Services Package is to provide a configured Salsify Chat platform that will provide your organization with immediate business value, as well best practice recommendations in order to continue to drive utilization forward.


The scope of the Salsify Chat Onboarding Services Package includes the services enumerated here ("Onboarding Services") in support of the above objectives, delivered during the Onboarding Period and subject to the assumptions set forth below. This package is designed to get our customers integrated quickly and is therefore limited to a standard set of chat consoles as defined below:

  • Olark
  • Zendesk Enterprise
  • LivePerson
  • LiveChat


  • Salsify will assign a Customer Champion who will work with you over the course of your Salsify Chat subscription to develop and execute a program for rolling out Salsify Chat to your business.
  • Your Salsify Chat Onboarding begins with upfront planning with your Customer Champion over a two-week timeframe. Your Customer Champion will provide:
    • Project plan for your implementation based on your priority goals
    • Outline of prerequisites needed to begin implementation


  • Your Salsify Chat Team will have access to the following training materials:
    • On-demand recordings focused on enabling brands to have a customer-focused and successful Chat experience.
    • A Salsify Chat Knowledge Base containing retailer-specific Chat and implementation guides


Requirements Gathering

Salsify will conduct a remote requirements gathering session to determine and understand which of current standard supported chat consoles are being and what Customers staffing plans are to support chat volumes. 

Chat Integration

As part of the chat implementation, Salsify will complete the following steps:

  • Define Chat Campaign
  • Integrate with preferred Chat console
  • Test Chat functionality
  • Build/Release final Chat integration with retailers of choice

Training and Review

Upon completion fo the chat configuration, Salsify will conduct one 60-minute live-training to review the the set up and chat reporting suite with Customer.

In addition to the live training, Salsify will also provide Customer with:

  • On-demand Chat Agent training video
  • Retailer guides
  • Chat reporting glossary


The following is a sample timeline for these services, based on the above scope of work:

Planning: Weeks 1-2, including providing time to gather prerequisites and identify resources

Implementation: Weeks 3-4 or beginning once the prerequisites identified during Planning have been provided

Review and Training: Week 5, scheduled call to review integration, reporting, and ongoing support

Completion Criteria

The Onboarding Period is defined as the term beginning on the date of your Salsify kick-off meeting and extending for 35 days following that date. The services defined in this document will be deemed complete and expire at the end of the Onboarding Period. Standard timing and completion is for up to five (5) brands. For organizations interested in launching more than five brands, prioritization of brands and an extended implementation period may be necessary.


Salsify will deliver the Onboarding Services described in this document subject to the assumptions listed in this section. Invalidation of these assumptions may alter the scope of services required for the successful setup of the Salsify platform, and may require additional services.

  • Customer will ensure the availability of key personnel for the duration of the Onboarding Period. This includes:
    • A core Salsify Chat administrator, assigned to ongoing administration of your Salsify account, including additional configuration beyond the initial implementation configuration outlined in this package
    • If using in-house chat resources, at least one (1) agent assigned to perform chat duties and be available for testing upon request
  • Chat Integration Milestone:
    • Customer will be responsible for providing key inputs into integration, including but not limited to:
      • Integration details (dependant on chat console)
      • Product Category
      • Brand Logo
  • Standard Chat Console Integration
    • Salsify Chat is able to integrate with Olark, Zendesk Enterprise, LivePerson, and LiveChat as part of the standard configuration


Services beyond the scope of this document will require a Statement of Work.  Such Statement of Work may provide services as either time & materials or fixed price arrangement pending the additional scope. Mutual agreement by all parties via an updated Statement of Work will be required prior to initiating additional services.

Salsify and our preferred partners offer a wide range of services beyond the scope of the Onboarding Services outlined above, including:

  • Product content and image creation, clean-up, curation, and refresh
  • Private and onsite training for Salsify Chat administrators and end users
  • Custom engineering services, such as:
    • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Nuance, or other platforms not specifically called out previously in this document
    • Integration with downstream e-commerce platforms via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats
    • Custom case create (specific to Salesforce LiveAgent)
  • Complex campaign configuration, including Category and Brand level filtering

Change Control Process

The below identifies the change control process that will be utilized when a Customer requires a deliverable that is not currently in scope as part of this SOW and is required to be delivered as part of this initial project. If the new request can be delivered outside of this project, then a new SOW will be issued:

  • Stakeholders identify the need for a possible change
  • Need is communicated to the Project Team
  • Project Team captures and documents the change order in the form of a SOW, change order or order form
  • Salsify provides cost estimate for the change
  • Change order is reviewed by Salsify & Customer representative(s) and either rejects or both approve
  • Project team communicates status of change order to stakeholders, documents action, and closes the request
  • If the Change Order is approved, any appropriate updates to the project plan or project costs are made and communicated.

Additional Terms

  • This service package is governed by the referencing Salsify Order Form with the associated Terms of Service and attachments.
  • Salsify will assign the appropriate implementation consultants to most effectively and efficiently address the needs of the customer, however customer may engage with different implementation consultants for different requests.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified, all services are performed remotely.
  • This SOW expires 30 days from the date presented to customer. Salsify then reserves the right to make any necessary revisions to this SOW