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How to Use Enhanced Product Content [VIDEO] | Salsify

By Amber Sinicrope on 8:00 AM on October 17, 2018

Enhanced content gives you freedom for brand expression that makes your products stand out, without the traditional content requirements and ownership constraints. With Salsify, create and deliver enhanced content alongside the rest of your product experience with no manual labor or complicated vendor relationships. 

How to Improve Conversions on Your Retailers' Product Pages

By Amber Sinicrope on 8:00 AM on October 10, 2018

Standing out the digital shelf requires engaging images, videos, and marketing content that speaks to shoppers' concerns and tells your brand story. On many retailers pages, this means going beyond providing the minimum amount of data for a product page listing and investing in the enhanced content -- also known as A+ content or rich media -- that your retailer partners allow below the fold.

Walmart Connected Content Partner Program | Salsify

By Amber Sinicrope on 2:59 PM on October 1, 2018

Late last week, Walmart announced their new Connected Content Partner Program, which features Salsify and 11 other technology partners. While the program doesn’t launch until January 2019, we wanted to give brands the inside scoop on what happened, why, and what it means for Walmart suppliers.

Drive sales conversion with 360-degree product views and other rich media

By Jessica Qu on 9:40 AM on July 13, 2018

360-degree product views are one of the best ways for brands to simulate an in-store shopping experience where shoppers can pick up an item to rotate it and examine it. Walmart provides a 360 spin option on its pages. The retail giant reports that brands see an improvement of search rank and conversion when 360-views of a product are included on the page.

Boost Your Sales on Walmart with Salsify’s New Rich Media Template Creator

By Jessica Qu on 2:28 PM on June 27, 2018

Including rich media, such as videos, compelling brand story layouts, and 360 images, on the product page has been shown to increase product page conversion rates by up to 30%. The important influence robust product content has on your sales is clear-cut, but the process, time, and cost of getting those assets live is anything but straightforward. Brands need an easier way to leverage the rich media assets everywhere they sell online, so consumers see the best possible depiction of a product at the moment they decide whether to buy.

What does it take to have the best food and beverage product page on Walmart?

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on December 18, 2017

We took a look at some of the the leading pages on Walmart in the food and beverage category, thanks to our recently launched Walmart Product Content Grader. Recently, Walmart posted quarterly revenue of $123.18 billion. It’s in-store sales revenue rose 2.7% in the US division, the biggest gain since the first quarter of 2009. Walmart says its food business had the strongest quarterly performance since 2011 and is an important factor in why shoppers come into its stores.

Selling on Walmart? Here’s how to improve your product page

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on December 8, 2017

For the first time, brand marketers and ecommerce leaders have unprecedented free and near-instant view of performance across the United States’ two largest e-retailers. We’ve enhanced our existing Amazon.com product content grader to give you visibility into how your product content also stacks up on Walmart.com. Get a free assessment of your top-performing Walmart product pages today.

How to quickly update your Walmart.com product pages

By Kelsey O'Brien on 8:00 AM on November 28, 2016

All it takes is one error to ruin a perfectly planned product page. Whether it’s an unclear product description, a low-res or incorrect image, the wrong product dimensions, a brand name typo, or another issue, a mistake will lower your conversation rates and could cause a spike in your product return requests.

Meeting Walmart’s Content Spec 2.0 Deadline: Was it Worth It?

By Rob Gonzalez on 4:03 PM on October 1, 2015

Walmart Content Spec 2.0: Are You Walmart-ready for the Holidays?

By Joe Gaudreau on 11:08 AM on September 2, 2015

“So, Joe, can I tell you that I love you?”

It’s not too often I hear that from a customer, but it’s kind of cool when I do. And my wife is fine with it. Because this declaration of love from a Data Analyst at a major food and beverage retailer was out of relief that, with our help, he knew they could meet Walmart’s October 1st Content Spec 2.0 deadline. That they would be able to get their great product content up on Walmart.com in time for the holiday season. Kind of awesome, especially when the call started with “We have no idea how the heck we are going to make this happen.”

Walmart’s Content Spec 2.0 is their new product content specification designed to collect the rich product content that drives online discoverability and sales from all its suppliers. Basically, it’s Walmart saying, the richer content you deliver, the better your products will sell. That viewpoint is right on target. (whoops, I probably shouldn’t use that word.)

But as with all great initiatives, it comes with a deadline. October 1st is coming fast, as is the holiday season. So we built the new requirements right into the Salsify platform. Our customers need to reach out to their Customer Champion (like me) and we’ll get you through the process fast. In case you’re curious, here’s the 5 steps we’ll be guiding you through.

As you load your products, you've always got our Readiness Report to tell you what you need to do to get to 100%. Upload the specs as soon as they’re ready! Less mountain, more molehill-ish. 


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