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Publish Your Product Content with Greater Confidence

By Evelyn Hartz on 6:30 PM on September 27, 2016

When you go live with a product page on your site, it can be scary. It gets even scarier when you’re working through a retailer and you don’t have a final view of the information before it goes live.

Walmart Content Spec 2.0: Are You Walmart-ready for the Holidays?

By Joe Gaudreau on 11:08 AM on September 2, 2015

“So, Joe, can I tell you that I love you?”

It’s not too often I hear that from a customer, but it’s kind of cool when I do. And my wife is fine with it. Because this declaration of love from a Data Analyst at a major food and beverage retailer was out of relief that, with our help, he knew they could meet Walmart’s October 1st Content Spec 2.0 deadline. That they would be able to get their great product content up on Walmart.com in time for the holiday season. Kind of awesome, especially when the call started with “We have no idea how the heck we are going to make this happen.”

Walmart’s Content Spec 2.0 is their new product content specification designed to collect the rich product content that drives online discoverability and sales from all its suppliers. Basically, it’s Walmart saying, the richer content you deliver, the better your products will sell. That viewpoint is right on target. (whoops, I probably shouldn’t use that word.)

But as with all great initiatives, it comes with a deadline. October 1st is coming fast, as is the holiday season. So we built the new requirements right into the Salsify platform. Our customers need to reach out to their Customer Champion (like me) and we’ll get you through the process fast. In case you’re curious, here’s the 5 steps we’ll be guiding you through.

As you load your products, you've always got our Readiness Report to tell you what you need to do to get to 100%. Upload the specs as soon as they’re ready! Less mountain, more molehill-ish. 

Simplifying the Process: Salsify's Channel Readiness Report

By Josh Mendelsohn on 8:53 AM on August 7, 2015

We've developed a lot of raving fans over the past couple of years because of how much faster and less frustrating it is to get products to market using Salsify. And one of the most universally loved aspects of Salsify's product content and synducation platform is our Channel Readiness Report.

Walmart's New Product Content Specification

By Steve Johnston on 9:00 AM on August 3, 2015

Walmart just released its new product content specification to its suppliers with a goal of collecting the rich product content that drives online discoverability and sales from all of its suppliers. This new specification is big news and a key part of Walmart’s Product Content Collection System (PCCS), a major initiative to expand its digital footprint and create great customer experiences online. Below you'll find everything you and your teams need to know about the new specification.


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