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Avoiding the retail squeeze: 3 ways stores can improve customer experience and succeed in omnichannel

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on February 7, 2017

Takeaway: Many retailers feel like they are caught somewhere between the stronghold Amazon has on retail and the nimble, digital-native vertical brands (DNVBs) that were built for a digital age. How can those in the middle compete for dollars? It's about investing in your consumer experience. Here are three ways to recapture consumers' hearts in today's omnichannel reality.

How Rawlings readied its 130-year old brand for ecommerce

By Fiona Galey on 8:00 AM on January 27, 2017

Ecommerce is blowing up: US sales exceeded $97 billion during the second quarter of 2016, nearly 16% year-over-year growth. For the sporting goods category, online sales are rapidly increasing share of revenue from 11.8% in 2010 to 17.2% just five years later. There’s huge opportunity for anyone in the category to use the digital channel to reach shoppers in a new way.

When Shoppers Research: Fun and Easy Experiences Win the Sale

By Michelle Burtchell on 7:00 AM on December 15, 2016

Takeaway: Midway through their buyers’ journey, consumers are considering which is the best product to buy based on features, quality, price, and delivery. This moment provides a huge opportunity for retailers and brands to build brand loyalty by minimizing consumer frustration and simplifying their lives.

Delivering Online: What food shopping can teach the rest of retail (Part 2)

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on October 3, 2016

In part one of this series, we shared lessons in good checkout content for other online retailers.  In this second part, we look at validation through reviews. By putting convenience above all and streamlining the checkout, there is a reduction in abandoned shopping carts that even price doesn’t affect. Additional features that can be critical to reducing shopping cart abandonment are peer-to-peer advice and onsite search.

Inject SEO into your product content strategy

By Cara Wood on 10:01 AM on September 1, 2016
If you want to win sales this holiday season, you need to get your product content on Google, optimize it by injecting some SEO into your PLAs and listen to your customers.

The path to digital mastery [Video]

By Peter Crosby on 8:15 AM on August 30, 2016

Takeaway: Digital businesses must think differently about the ways of doing business in order to deliver the experiences customers demand today. Guest Speaker Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, shared tips on how to create a winning digital strategy at a recent Salsify customer conference.  

Creating a successful digital strategy goes beyond what channels you do business on. In order to compete, your organization must embrace the new reality of consumer behavior. Your customer is going to shop wherever and whenever they want to.

Ecommerce’s $4 Trillion Challenge: Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

By Peter Crosby on 9:24 AM on August 26, 2016

Takeaway: Shopping cart abandonment is the often neglected leaky pipe for ecommerce profits. The rate at which customers who have selected a product and then do not follow through on buying it is highest on mobile phone - 81% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned. We offer three keys to a great mobile phone shopping experience to help you recover these potential sales.

Despite enticing product offerings, ecommerce retailers are getting cart-blocked at checkout. What gives? In 2014, online marketers lost $4 trillion in sales due to merchandise that was abandoned in online shopping carts.

How to write product descriptions that win sales

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on August 23, 2016
Shoppers are conducting more product research than ever, and that means brands must provide detailed product descriptions that answer all the questions those consumers might have.

The aftermath of Amazon Prime Day: 5 things we learned

By Cara Wood on 12:01 PM on August 15, 2016

There's lots to learn from this year's Amazon Prime Day.

The Takeaway: This year's Amazon Prime Day has taught us few lessons about ecommerce, online shopping behaviors and the modern retail space in general.

Did you buy anything on Amazon Prime Day? If you did, you likely spent around $112, contributing to the $2.5 billion in sales that Amazon raked in. And your order was just one of approximately 22,321,428 other Amazon Prime Day transactions.

How can you unify the retail customer journey?

By Josh Mendelsohn on 8:00 AM on August 10, 2016

Can you create a consistent experience across every channel?

The Takeaway: Consumers are shopping across many devices, and as a result, they're interacting with multiple channels. It's called distributed commerce and it's dramatically changing the customer journey. Here are some tips on how to unify and bring consistency to that crazy path to purchase.

RetailDive called it "fractured." The customer journey now takes place wherever shoppers are and through whichever channels are the easiest to buy.


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