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What does it take to have the best furniture product content on Amazon?

By David Gold on 10:28 AM on April 18, 2017

We went shopping for furniture and home goods on Amazon this week and thanks to our newly launched Product Content Grader were able to see just how well some of the site’s brands are performing on product content. You can get your own product content score, or read below for the lessons in good product content.  

Home Meridian: How we empowered our sales teams with Sell Sheets

By Matthew Gardner, Home Meridian on 7:00 AM on September 7, 2016

I’m the Director of Ecommerce for Home Meridian International, one of the world’s largest furniture producers, shipping more than 12,000 containers a year. HMI includes the diverse brands of Pulaski Furniture, Samuel Lawrence Furniture, Right2Home, and Prime Resources International.

Each HMI brand serves a unique customer and market niche and like many brands we’re constantly expanding and refining our furniture line, which makes maintaining up-to-the-minute product information a challenge.

The Product Content that Sells On the Digital Shelf

By Peter Crosby on 4:30 PM on June 7, 2016

"Research-to-buy" is the new path to purchase.

The Takeaway:  Shoppers want to make informed decisions before they click "buy". Digital product content is central to providing the answers potential buyers have and delivering a compelling shopping experience.

The role of a product marketer has changed. Consumers are actively looking for information about your product (and your competitors’ products) instead of waiting to be sold to. That means marketers have to spend more time as educators, providing customers with as much product information as possible. 

Digital Shopping is Changing the Furniture Market. Are you ready?

By Evelyn Hartz on 5:02 PM on May 10, 2016

Furniture is a large and personal purchase. It’s rare that someone would buy a $3500 couch without going to see it in a store. Consumers have lots of questions that need answering before investing in a piece of furniture: Will I like sitting on it? Will it fit through the door of my 4th floor walkup? Will it hold up to the next five years of my kids using it as a trampoline?


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