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How Rubbermaid Commercial Products Established a Single Source of Reliable Market-Facing Data in 30 Days

Mya Brown | February 6, 2019

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® (RCP), a global leader for commercial and industrial cleaning, food service, and safety products, needed to meet their B2B buyer demand for a robust digital shopping experience. Jim Smith, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at RCP, realized the importance of a powerful digital presence for the companies future. He knew the road to ecommerce would rely on the company establishing a strong foundation in data management. You can get the full story of Jim’s success in our latest case study. Read below to learn the three key steps RCP undertook for its digital transformation.

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Consolidate your data management systems

Don’t stay tied to outdated legacy systems if they can’t support all of your needs. RCP was using three different systems (Stibo, SAP, and Scene 7) to manage their product data. There was no connection between the different systems and no organization of each systems data. To remain a global leader, Rubbermaid quickly realized they needed a way to organize and to store their market-facing data; one that was able to connect to across many different channels.


Transform your digital assets to support robust digital storytelling

Buyers want to have complete confidence in the products they select online before they buy. This means providing high quality product shots from every angle and lengthy descriptions that answer every buyer’s potential questions. With Salsify, Scylla was able to consolidate, scrub and transform 6,000 SKUs and 25,000 digital assets in just 30 days. Salsify provided RCP a strong data foundation: a complete, trustworthy, and adaptable platform to consolidate, scrub and move all of their product data.

Leverage your data assets across the organization

Your product information is critical for many departments in your organization. If you are going to invest time in cleaning up your data, make sure it’s accessible by every stakeholder who may need it. With Salsify, RCP centralized product and market-facing data into one trusted source of truth. Rubbermaid now has its data on a single platform that employees can easily use. Rubbermaid was able to get their products to market 30% more efficiently after investing in Salsify. Now marketing, sales, and customer service can all use this information to support their work. Ultimately, having a single source of truth has positioned RCP for success in the future. “We do not have to worry about whether our site has the product information need to meet the demands of modern commerce,” said Jim.

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