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Introducing Quicksheets: The Simple Way to Get Your Product Content to The Home Depot

Posted by Rovaira Dasig on 11:15 AM on September 23, 2015

For any brand suppliers who work with The Home Depot, no ecommerce strategy is complete without making sure they have the product content they need to effectively sell your products. Even The Home Depot would agree that their product onboarding process is complex, but it is with good reason. They want to create a great omnichannel buying experience. And that means delivering the best product content they can, whenever and wherever people want to access it.

That’s why we have made it incredibly simple to publish your product content from Salsify to The Home Depot using our new Quicksheets app. What our customers say once took as much as 30-45 minutes per product will now take just minutes to complete for all of your products. Pretty great, right?

Here’s how it works:


1. Download Your Enriched Sheet from The Home Depot

Once your products have been initiated in The Home Depot’s vendor portal, you can access and download an Enriched Quicksheet that is blank except for some very basic product specific information, such as Product IDs and GTINs. You’re going to need this in a few minutes, but for now set aside.

This basic information isn’t enough to make someone buy, so you’ll need to take it to the next level. That’s where Salsify comes in.

2. Ready Your Products for The Home Depot  Channel in Salsify

Once you’re logged into your Salsify account, go into the Channels section, click “add a Channel,” and select The Home Depot. Next you’ll need to map your data fields to THD’s requirements. If you’ve already put your data into Salsify, this should be a pretty simple process!

3. Check Your Content Readiness

Now on to the fun stuff, go to the Channel Readiness Report in The Home Depot Channel in your account and click “Refresh Now.” This will allow you to see how many of your products are ready to be published, which means you’ve met all of the core requirements for The Home Depot. You’ll also see how many of the optional attributes need your attention and can dive in deeper by using the filters at the top of the page to see exactly what needs to be changed.

The Home Depot provides Salsify with their requirements (e.g., category specifics attributes, number and length of feature bullets, copy length, color, size) directly and as those product content requirements change, we will make sure that you are always in compliance.

4. Populating The Home Depot’s Enriched Quicksheet

This step is where the magic truly happens. While Salsify’s Quicksheets app will work even if your data is not 100% mapped, the more complete your content is in Salsify, the more complete it will be for The Home Depot. All you have to do is go to quicksheets.salsify.com and select your Channel – in this case The Home Depot. (All of the channels and properties that you’ve put in your account have been pre-populated.) Then simply choose the property that represents GTIN in your Salsify account.

Next you’ll need to import the blank spreadsheet that you downloaded from The Home Depot in step 1 and save it. As soon as your new enriched spreadsheet is ready, you’ll get an email notification and you can re-download it with a single click. All of The Home Depot’s macros are still in place and all of the blank cells are now filled in with the awesome product information from your Salsify account.

Once you’ve reviewed and decided it’s ready to go, just click the validate button in the spreadsheet to login to The Home Depot portal, and submit it there for review.

Pretty easy!

We’ll be building out even more functionality like this in the coming weeks to help you more easily sell through your key online channels.

If you have questions you can reach out to your customer champion directly, or if you’re new to Salsify we’d be happy to show you around. Just click here to request a demo.

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