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Expand your market share in Asia Pacific

Increasing your sales requires a local’s insight, backed by the strength of global oversight

Empower your regional teams to succeed. Everywhere. 

APAC is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, leading digital innovation. To keep pace, you need a way to coordinate across disparate business units and operating teams in China, Russia and other regional markets. Salsify’s product experience management (PXM) platform was built to help you balance brand consistency with differentiated content to serve local markets.

Salsify provides each of your teams access to relevant content, adapt to ever-changing retailer requirements and market demands, and leverage insights to drive performance for the whole business.

  • Transform content for each region’s need. Salsify combines the best-in-class product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) to centralize content, manage product attributes, and transform digital assets for every endpoint with flexible data modeling that can accommodate multiple regions without impacting core data.

  • Syndicate to any retailer with confidence. Deliver your ecommerce content to any retailer or endpoint you want. Our at-a-glance Readiness Reports quickly show whether your data meets the unique requirements of every endpoint you publish to in any language. Every month, we make hundreds of updates to existing retailer requirements and add dozens of new retailers. We can support the schemas for any endpoint you want, and keep them up to date with changing requirements.

  • Connect with other mission critical tools, quickly. With Salsify you have the ability to connect legacy systems to new systems that support fast-moving, customer-facing interactions, whether they be commerce platforms, analytics providers, content providers, ratings and reviews companies or translation services. Salsify can increase your speed to market by connecting to any geo-local preferred service. Salsify connects internally to your ERP, DAM, PLM, or other systems of record, and externally to commerce platforms, GDSN data pools, Brandbank, Alkemics, and more to support the distribution of core product content to coalition retailers.

  • Enable local, fast reaction to changing requirements. Build product workflows and easily scale your organization’s workflow configuration that can be built based on user requirements and adjust to conditional rules that adjust for product type or department involved.

  • Take action to improve search rankings and increase conversion. Salsify Insights provides actionable data on product page performance, product SEO, availability and buy box monitoring, and brand compliance insights at the level and relevance each team needs to make an impact.


Empower your regional teams to succeed. Everywhere.

Maintain global governance of your core product data

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice brand control for local autonomy. Salsify empowers business users and agency partners across your organization without sacrificing the user controls and data security that HQ cares about.

  • Manage security down to the attribute level. Control which properties and products users are authorized to create, review, updated and delete. Detailed audit history gives business users visibility into who changed what when.


  • Enjoy global governance with local extensibility. With a standard global architecture, perform strict centralized oversight while giving regional teams and local markets the power to optimize digital shelf content for their consumers.

  • Efficiently scale Salsify across multiple teams in your organization.Salsify scales to deliver value across ecommerce, sales, marketing, creative agencies, MDM, IT - whoever is critical to improving your performance on the digital shelf.

  • Leverage the power of a global view on your business. Get visibility into digital merchandising for every SKU within every region for every retailer or endpoint.

  • Rely on a secure platform. Salsify has successfully completed a Service Organization Control [SOC] 2 Type I attestation engagement report and received finalization of our Privacy Shield self-certification for GDPR in April 2018. We will self-certify on an annual basis.

  • Technology that supports your global organization’s needs.We enable Single Sign-on (SSO) integration with any SAML 2.0-compliant enterprise directory system. We have enhanced i18n support for high volume of languages and support multi-tenant instances implemented in parallel across regions

  • Training and support that scales with your business. With Salsify, you invest in a platform and a team that sets you up for success, provides you support and training whenever you need it, and enables your most critical custom projects.

Salsify is the product experience management platform for thousands of brand manufacturers worldwide.