Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you better understand Salsify?

  • What is Salsify?

    Salsify enables marketers, merchants, and salespeople to manage & exchange product information (descriptions, features, images, specs, datasheets, etc.) across the retail supply chain. Using Salsify, both suppliers and retailers can instantly exchange product content through the network. See it in action at our Product Tour page.

  • Where does the name come from?

    Salsify is a cousin of the dandelion flower. It has strong, deep roots and spreads like wildfire. This is a great analogy for the features great product content should have.

  • How did the idea come about?

    Salsify’s co-founders came from Endeca, a search and navigation engine that powers some of the top online retail websites such as Home Depot and Target. During those implementations, they got firsthand experience with the pain that manufacturers and retailers have pulling together product content. Salsify was born out of that insight.

  • How long does it take to implement Salsify?

    Honestly, it depends, and we have a dedicated Customer Success team that holds your hand through your initial implementation. Just so you have a ballpark estimate, a small technical team can have all their product information in Salsify, have built out all necessary workflows, and have Salsify connected to their existing systems in a few days without requiring any help from us. Larger teams with more complicated integration requirements take longer and may require more guidance. You probably know which of those is closer to your situation, but we are happy to help out in either case.

  • Pricing and Licensing

  • How much does Salsify cost?

    Please visit our Pricing page to learn more about our different plans. For specific questions, contact us!

  • Can I try it out?

    Absolutely – we want you to be sure that Salsify fits your organization and will help solve the problems you’re facing around product content. Every account comes with a Free 30-Day Trial. We’ll help you throughout the trial to make sure that you get any questions answered.

  • Who can see my content?

    You – and you alone – decide who you share your content with. You retain exclusive rights to any content you create. If you want to share content with your trading partners – such as a retailer who carries your products – you can opt-in to providing them a subscription, but only to the content you select.

  • What happens to my content if I stop using Salsify?

    You can download a backup of your content at any time, through our UI or through our API. As you use Salsify, your content will get better and better – and we make sure that you have access to it at any point.

  • Technical

  • Is my data safe in Salsify?

    All data sent to or received from Salsify is encrypted using the same technology you use to communicate with your bank, and because of that we are trusted by some of the largest CPG brands in the world. Moreover, you choose exactly what data you want to publish out to each channel and, in addition, you can lock down what individual users and groups within your organization have access to edit.

    That said, you shouldn’t store sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical information, or nuclear launch codes in Salsify (also: why would you?).

  • What sort of backup and recovery systems are in place?

    In the event of a major catastrophic event, we keep up-to-the-minute hot backups that we can use to restore the entire system. In addition, we recommend that all our customers keep their own copies of their data which can be managed directly inside Salsify.

  • Do you have a planned number of product releases?

    We “release” the product many times every week (and sometimes many times over a single day). The releases most often contain minor enhancements requested by specific customers or minor bug fixes, but they also sometimes contain major feature enhancements that we’ve been working on for months. In certain cases, we will roll feature enhancements out for general usage, and in other cases these may only be turned on for beta testers. In either case, we do not require work on our users’ part to take advantage of new features. We communicate these changes through our monthly product newsletter that is sent out to all customers.

  • Do we have to do any upgrades?

    Nope! In fact, a major benefit to you in using a cloud-based system like Salsify is that there is nothing special you have to do to get access to the new features that we’re constantly working on; they’ll just be there the next time you log in.

  • How can I get support when I need help?

    There are several ways to get support. While our Knowledge Base is a great resource to get your questions answered, you can contact us via email at or call us at 888-908-4741.